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Исполнитель: The Sweet

Название mp3: Done Me Wrong All Right

Длительность: 02:54

Добавлен: 2016-03-22

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Done Me Wrong All Right -(Connolly, Priest, Scott, Tucker)

I woke up this morning
My girl was not inside
Not inside my billfold
She'd done me wrong alright
We've been all night a rockin'
At the house of blue night
Ah, ah, ah...

The band was really groovin'
With the shades of Jerry Lee
Somehow jiving,
Yeah, she was taking me
Now she's gone and left me
Oh, baby let it be
Ah, ah, ah...

I didn't understand her
You know I mean her scene
Sleeps around for money
Or kick's that's twice as mean
But if I cross with her again
She'll find that I'm not green
Ah, ah, ah...

This woman's a hooker
I can't stand her
She's doing me wrong
This woman's a hooker...

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