The Beatles Im A Loser - перевод песни beatles im loser

Исполнитель: The Beatles

Название mp3: Im A Loser

Длительность: 02:34

Добавлен: 2015-12-23

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Текст песни:

Am7 D7
Im a loser, Im a loser,
Am7 F D7
And Im not what I appear to be.

G Dm F G
Of all the love I have won or have lost
Dm F G
There is one love I should never have crossed.
Dm F G
She was a girl in a million my friend,
Dm F G
I should have known she would win in the end.

Am7 D7 Am7 D7
Im a loser, and I lost someone whos near to me
G Em Am7 F D7
Im a loser, and Im not what I appear to be.

Although I laugh and I act like a clown
Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown.
My tears are falling like rain from the sky
Is it for her or myself that I cry


What have I done to deserve such a fate
I realise I have left it too late.
And so its true pride comes before a fall
Im telling you so that you dont lose all.


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