The Attic Even If It Hurts Me - текст песни even if it hurts me the attic

Исполнитель: The Attic

Название mp3: Even If It Hurts Me

Длительность: 03:39

Добавлен: 2016-12-28

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Текст песни:

Need me, like I need you
Hey sugar cant you see whats happening to me
Somethink, I need something
Its crazy but my need is nothin but you

I know its crazy
But I cant forget you
Just wanna hold you
If you would only let me
Maybe Im a dreamer
Maybe just a lonely heart
But I want you
Even if it hurts me

Want me, like I want you
Hey baby cant you feel the fever that Im in
Love me, why dont you love me
Oh, honey I never felt the way you make me do

Клип Attic Even if it hurts me

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