Resident evil 6 and L4D2 Midnight Ride - музыка из l4d2

Исполнитель: Resident evil 6 and L4D2

Название mp3: Midnight Ride

Длительность: 03:11

Добавлен: 2017-01-07

Просмотрено: 960


Ещё песни Resident evil 6 and L4D2
Текст песни:

I'm a bad bad dog with no house or a home,
women, whiskey, wheels and the road.
Got my 750 howlin' and my shotgun loaded
I'm full up and about to explode.
Got my hammer held down, and I, I'm Texas bound,
my fightin hands are itchin' to fight.
Well every ladies crazy when her daddy's not around,
gonna drink, dance, party all night.
She's gonna drink, dance and party all night

So keep on rolling (keep rolling)
It's alright (it's alright)
Keep riding (keep riding)
The midnight ride!
Right so (right so)
Right so (right so)
Gonna ride (gonna ride)
It's a midnight ride!

There's a cowboy who wants to kill me in every single city,
'cause a woman didn't come home at all.
If those hombres want to fight, then they know where to find me
with a lady in a bathroom stall.
Reach for the top, gotta stay on the mountain
of this bad that can get much worse.
I made a deal with the devil now he's pulled my number
but he'll have to come and get me full.
Woman tell him to get me full.

Keep rolling (keep rolling)
It's alright (it's alright)
Keep riding (keep riding)
The midnight ride!
Keep rolling (keep rolling)
I'm alright (I'm alright)
I'm riding (I'm riding)
The midnight ride!

Клип Resident Evil 6 OST - x Left 4 Dead 2: Midnightride (Merchaneries No Mercy: Theme)

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