Jupiter One Final Approved Музыка из рекламы Mazda 6 - музыка из рекламы mazda 6

Исполнитель: Jupiter One

Название mp3: Final Approved (Музыка из рекламы Mazda 6)

Длительность: 05:44

Добавлен: 2015-08-26

Просмотрено: 826


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Текст песни:

A light on a platform
Perfume of a secret
The sound of scissors
And a girl with a faint smile

Moaning like a brick wall
As she merges on the highway
Could she be a doctor
Or a light on a platform

Every day I start new
In the mask of the afternoon
My history forgotten
In the bottom of the ocean

In the light of the platform moon

I grew up by the highway
She grew up by the sea

She hears her name in the sound
Of the waves
But the ships hold a message
For me
I was born by the highway

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