Jay-Z & Kanye West HAM ost project x - ham mp3

Исполнитель: Jay-Z & Kanye West

Название mp3: HAM (ost project x)

Длительность: 04:35

Добавлен: 2015-09-01

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Текст песни:

A.k.a "Hard As A Muthaf-ker"
Explicit Lyrics

Kanye West
It was all good just a week ago
N-ggas feel theyselves and then Watch The Throne drop
N-ggas kill themselves
What n-ggas gon do Hov?
This a new crack on a new stove
I'm in the two-door, true that
N-ggas tellin' me "You back"
Like a n-gga ever left up out this bitch, huh?
And if life a bitch suck my d-ck huh?
And I bet she f-cked the whole clique, huh
By the way n-gga, you should f-ckin' quit, n-gga
Just forget it, you talk it, I live it
Like Eli I did it, jokes on you muthaf-cker and I get it
No paper hoe, but you can have some more of me
Or-gy, or are we speakin methaphorically
Historically, I'm kickin' b-tches out like Pam, n-gga
Goin' HAM n-gga, me and Jigga
And a n-gga still young, wanna have no kids
But I've been practicing with some actresses as bad as shit
And a few white girls, asses flat a shit
But the head so good, damn a n-gga glad he hit
Got em jumpin' out the building
Watch out below, a million out the door

I'm about to go HAM
Hard As a Muthaf-cker,
Let these n-ggas know who I am
I'm about to go HAM
Hard As a Muthaf-cker,
Let these n-ggas know who I am

F-ck y'all mad at me for?
You don't even know what I've been through

I play chicken with a Mack truck
Y'all muthaf-ckers woulda been moved
I swam waters with great whites
Y'all muthaf-ckers woulda been chewed
I hustle with vultures late nights
Y'all muthaf-ckers woulda been food
F-ck wrong with these dudes
Try to walk around in these shoes
See the shit I saw growing up
And maybe you can take a peek at these boo's
N-ggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily like
These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really
I'm like really half a billi n-gga
Really you got baby money
Keep it real with n-ggas
N-ggas aint got my lady money
Watch the Throne dont step on our robe
Bad enough we let you step on our glow
When my nephew died, daddy dead
N-ggas took the price on my uncles head
Nobody called the cops as my uncle bled
So I feel like I would like to know my uncles bread
Bow down, brother pay homage
Don't spill hate all on my garments
Commes Des Garcon, f-ck your fresh
Head shots n-gga f-ck your vests
F-ck the pig, no pork on my fork
Peace God cause you know a n-gga just went Ham

Hard As a Muthaf-cker,
Let these n-ggas know who I am
Yeah I'm 'bout to go HAM
Hard As a Muthaf-cker,
Let these n-ggas know who I am
Yeah I'm 'bout to go HAM

Клип Jay-Z & Kanye West - H.A.M (Project X The Real Soundtrack)

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