Graeme Cornies конец игры Metal Gear Rising OST - музыка из игры metal gear rising

Исполнитель: Graeme Cornies

Название mp3: конец игры (Metal Gear Rising OST)

Длительность: 05:00

Добавлен: 2016-01-13

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Текст песни:

Looking down on the cars on the highway
Stream of taillights
Everybody invented together
To so willingly sacrifice rights
When people accept that cogs in the system
Give our freewill conform
Individual pieces a vast world together
Become a force storm

Looking down on the virgulent city
The skyscrapers rise
Even men with the greatest intentions
Start believing in their own lies
Rip them off from their future
But eventually someones got to pay
The only way out of the circle
Is to strike out and pave your own way!

We all fight our own fight
Will you fuel the desire to win?
Always struggling with the truth
Of the life that might have been
But no matter how jagged your path is
You always come back to the road
When the dust of battle settles
The war still rages within!

Клип 13 - Dark Skies (Graeme Cornies) - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance OST

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