Eagles Of Death Metal Miss Alissa OST Nike Football: Riske Everythink - музыка nike football

Исполнитель: Eagles Of Death Metal

Название mp3: Miss Alissa (OST Nike Football: Riske Everythink)

Длительность: 02:38

Добавлен: 2015-12-10

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Текст песни:

You know I try so hard
But I think you don't see
Cos' I'm moving so fast
We call it rock n rollin'
My weapon seems usless
Cos' your on to me
You are impossible to read
You're always straight controllin'

Oh oh oh Miss Allisa!

Gon doo a voodoo until
You feel my power now!
You know I feel so smooth
I'm always struttin' when in motion
Make the little girls dance
Cos' i'm rock n rollin'
It reallly doesn't matter
If you're hard to please
Cos' when you give me your smile
I'm yours for straiht controllin'

Клип Nike Football Winner Stays soundtrack (Eagles Of Death Metal - Miss Alissa)

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