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Исполнитель: Chamillionaire

Название mp3: Hip Hop Police Музыка для тренировок

Длительность: 04:15

Добавлен: 2016-01-10

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Chamillionaire Intro:
Go x6
Keep runnin' homie
Go x6
They on the trail
Go x6
Keep runnin' homie
Go x6
They on the trail

Chamillionaire Chorus:
With so much drama in the industry
Hip Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you'll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It's murda, murda, murda
Ah it's murda, murda, murda
Yeah it's murda, murda murda
Somebody tell em it's murda
Murder was the case and they blamed me

Chamillionaire (Cham as Hip-Hop Police) Verse 1:
Officer I didn't do it, you can't blame me for this
Could you please loosen up the handcuffs on my wrists?
You can call me what you wanna but mayne I ain't a snitch
No cooperation is exactly what you would get
Til I talk til my lawyer, you get no reply
(You've obviously been watching too much CSI
I'm not a crash dummy so don't even try
To talk your dirty trash to me, no BFI
If you are not guilty of anything, then why did you run?)
Cause you the police and plus I saw you cocking your gun
And the chamber wasn't empty, it was obviously one
(If you think I'm believing that one, your obviously dumb)
Huh? (I know that you heard the sirens, you dived in
To the vehicle you was driving and ridin
A+nd you shouldn't be whining about abidin+
By the law, nah it's obvious your lying)


Chamillionaire (Cham as Hip Hop Police) Verse 2:
(Stop lying to me boy, it'd be best you confess
I can smell the BS on the scent of your breath
Saw the ??? while I was inspecting your deck
Saw that you was ridin dirty when I looked at the rest
Who is this guy Busta? Who is this guy Snoop?
Who is his other friend who's wearing the sky blue?
Look at this pic here, he standing beside you
Tell me his name now, I heard he was piru
Confiscated the CD's at one of your homes
For evidence ever since we heard some of your songs
What about this Pimp guy, he was on one of your songs
I coulda sworn he said he had a pocket full of stones
Am I wrong?) Hell yeah, I don't know who that is
I don't know no Pimp C, all I know is I'm rich
And I'ma bond like James, bet I be out here quick
Man (You ain't getting out of here, you must think that your slick
In the car we confiscated The Chronic and The Clipse
Diary that you had and all your Blueprints
On the Death Row booklet, we found your two prints
Your thumb and your index, the judge will
love this)


Slick Rick (Cham as Hip Hop Police) Slick as Hip Hop Police +Slick as Victim+ Verse 3:

(And you can see your screwed as the evidence pours in
The witness to the crime was at 3 in the morning
Gave us a description so we picked up your boy and
You'll get a lighter sentence if you put the crime on him
A big celebrity, a case we long for
You a pirate, Why you got that eyepatch on for?
Funny (Puttin people in a hurse what I heard for
Where were you the night of April 21st son?
Home ?Son, I think that you got your facts wrong, gats on you
Chamillionaire, Rob, Chuck,? Couple cats on Melview
What? We gonna have to jail you too
In the line-up, don't speak until we tell you to
This the person who jimmied your lock, sir?
Well he's dark, Kinda looked like him, I'm not sure
Fail into nail cause a cell it's another?
Leave, I see an unmarked tail in the glover?
Hit the Bodega, not no more game
This chick used to be all nice, acting all strange
Like she was gonna get it, pathetic
I sell in court now they all apologetic

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