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Исполнитель: Aerosmith

Название mp3: Sweet Emotion

Длительность: 04:35

Добавлен: 2015-06-17

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Текст песни:

Hamilton / Tyler

Sweet emotion
Sweet emotion

You talk about things and nobody cares
You're wearing other things that nobody wears
You're calling my name but you gotta make clear
I can't say baby where I'll be in a year

Some sweet talkin' mama with a face like a gent
Said my get up and go must a got up and went
Well I got good news, she's a real good liar
'Cause the backstage boogie set your pants on fire

Sweet emotion
Sweet emotion

I pulled into town in a police car
Your daddy said I took it just a little to far
You're telling me things but your girlfriend lied
You can't catch me 'cause the rabbit done died
Yes it did

You stand in the front just a shakin' your ass
I'll take you backstage, you can drink from my glass
I talk about something you can sure understand
'Cause a month on the road an' I'll be eating from your hand

Клип Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion

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