Adam Sandler Somebody Kill Me Please - перевод песни adam sandler somebody kill me

Исполнитель: Adam Sandler

Название mp3: Somebody Kill Me Please

Длительность: 01:53

Добавлен: 2016-11-16

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Текст песни:

You don't know how much I need you.
While you're around I don't feel blue.
And when we kiss I know that you need me too.
I can't believe I found a love that's so pure and true.
But it all was bullshit.
It was a goddam joke.
And when I think of you and I,
I hope you fucking choke.
I hope you're glad with what you've done to me.
I lay in bed all day long feeling melancholy.
You left me here all alone, tears running constantly.
Oh somebody kill me please,
somebody kill me plee-ase,
I'm on my knees,
pretty pretty please kill me.
I want to die.
Put a bullet in my head.

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