Го го kis музыка для танцев Go-Go - музыка для танцев го го

Исполнитель: Го го

Название mp3: kis (музыка для танцев Go-Go)

Длительность: 03:33

Добавлен: 2016-07-07

Просмотрено: 487


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Текст песни:

There’s a mission, new sensation
There’s a global aim I am for
Let’s attract our generation
To love resurrection
Think for more

No anger, no destruction and no fighting
New state and new reaction will appear in
World is changing getting better, I will be your
To show you, to adapt you if you’re still

We need to believe
In world we can achieve
‘Cause I feel it’s time
And it’s mine
Maya show time

We should expanse imagination
Wonders happen if you allow
And just follow inspiration
For love and affection
Start it now
Find it in your soul
Feeling is your all
‘Cause I feel it’s time
And it’s mine
Maya show time

I feel deep in my soul
I feel there’s a change
I’ve come to the moment
To face the new age
It’s just the beginning
How it’s supposed to be
We breathe new world for humanity…

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